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The Difference

Experience the best in gown preservation and other garment services from our customer friendly shops. Alpian’s Garment Care strives for excellence in our garment care and customer satisfaction. Be assured that everyone at Alpian’s is trained to pay attention to details and cater to your specific requests and needs for dry cleaning services. With locations in New York and Long Island City, our full-service dry cleaning establishment is well suited to meet the needs of people looking for a superior wedding gown preservation and other dry cleaning services.

About Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a waterless process that removes stains and replenishes fibers to like new condition. The foundation for stain removal is pre-spotting.


Pre-spotting involves analysis and application, and then determining what properties make up the stain for the procedure that would best remove that stain. Garments are often ornamented with beads, lace, and rhinestones, and protecting those ornaments is part of effective pre-spotting. These techniques require years of experience and the National Cleaners Association trains all of Alpian’s spotters; they have more than 30 years of combined experience.

Add Texture to Your Garments

Pressing is a vital part of returning your garment to a “good as new” texture. We excel in determining how much steam is required for different fabrics, how to hang it to hold the pressing for prolonged periods, and double-checking for any present stains. Alpian’s uses a wide range of products to perfect the quality and put forth the best possible products for your dry cleaning needs.

Packing & Presentation

At Alpian’s, we do not spare any expense or time in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction in dry cleaning. Our employees are trained to look for loose buttons, open seams, lint, and triple check for any present stains. We use a wide array of devices to make your garment look its best in your closet, in your suitcase, and most importantly, on you.

Wet Cleaning

Using many different mild, friendly soaps, agents, bleaches, and alkali, we can make your garments look brighter, whiter, and cleaner. Your garments will also smell fresher after being cleaned with our environmentally safe products.

Shirt Laundry

At Alpian’s Garment Care in NYC, we use state-of-the-art equipment to clean and finish your shirts. Every shirt is checked for stains, collar rings, and wrinkles. “Deluxe” and “hand finish” shirts are hand pressed and finished respectively to meet and exceed your expectations. We check and replace your buttons if necessary. We take every shirt collar stays off before pressing and return them back to you.


Each of locations is proud to say that our tailors are capable of creating results beyond your expectations. We do alterations also on wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, business shirts, men’s’ suits, ladies evening wear, etc.


Every shirt scrubbed, Allbuttons checked and replaced, All collar stays taken out and replaced or repaired, Every shirt
checked for wrinkles and corrected if necessary. Deluxe shirts hand washed and pressed.




Call us in New York, New York, for detailed gown preservation and other apparel services that prolong the life of your wardrobe.