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Slip Dresses and Pajamas Trending in 2016

Slip DressThe nocturnal styles of comfort and softness that we so love in our bedrooms have hit the runways with ferocious glamour! We are of course referring to the most shocking and liberating trends to have invaded the fashion industry this year: The Slip Dress and Pajamas.

Contemporary casual meets black tie, or should we call it nightwear? Whatever it is, it is absolutely divine. You cannot opt for anything better than these romantic silk slip dresses showcased by Alexander Wang, Givenchy, and Calvin Klein? Blake Lively wore a glamorously shimmering slip dress to the White House state dinner and took the style to a whole new level of perfection.

The splendid softness of slip dresses is divine and your heart skips a beat each time you imagine your skin grazing against the silk. Perfectly functional for summers!

We all have to admit that so far, these silk slip dresses and pajamas have emerged as the most original of the newest trends. They are  a breath of fresh air after fighting against the dilemmas of a blouse or no blouse, skirt or no skirt every day? Now all of us who are hardcore minimalists, and would love nothing more than to just head off to work in their PJs can really rejoice. Finally, the myth of fashion meets comfort has come true.

The slip dresses come in a delightful variety. You have many colors and shades to choose from, but of course the classic plains in white, black, gold and silver have emerged as the hottest colors of the season. While black and white lacy numbers are an absolute must-have for the season, you can also try the pastel and nude colors.

Lace on slip dresses is going hot, and it is also the most voguishly classical aspect of the beauty of the slip dresses. They are casual, and yet, they are not. This artful sophistication is what makes these slip dresses comfortable yet totally workable for black tie events. We believe that they work wonders at bringing back the long-lost glamour of the pretty little black dress!

You can opt for a length just above your thighs, or perhaps, slightly above your knees. If you are considering them as an outfit for a black tie event, we suggest you go with the floor length slip dresses to create a more dramatic effect.

The Pajama suits will make an exciting and bold addition to your wardrobe for work. Get rid of the boring regime of blazers, button-down blouses and pencil skirts. Pajama suits will bring a softness, youthfulness, and chicness to your attire.

Another exciting style that has been put forward by Givenchy is a voguish amalgamation of the pajamas and the slips. The result is insanely glamorous. Especially if you finish off the look with one of the night-gown inspired silk robes showcased by Givenchy and Alexander Wang.

There is not a single reason that could justify why you should miss out on so much glamour. Add these two exciting trends to your wardrobe right away and flaunt them all summer!